Premium mattresses: the best technology for your sleep

Premium mattresses: the best technology for your sleep

For both perfectly healthy people and those with spinal problems, choosing a mattress is a crucial moment. If you are not rich enough to buy cheap mattresses and then regret the wasted money, pay attention to premium products. Expensive mattresses not only provide a good rest, it is something more. For these products the latest scientific developments and really the best materials are used.

Who are they – the best of the best?

Multilayer construction of latex, coconut coir and spring blocks, elite sheep and camel hair with therapeutic effect, cotton, silk and cashmere, bamboo fiber – all this is used by the best European and American manufacturers of elite mattresses. Among the leaders of European market elite mattresses are Sleepeezee, Pirelli, Dorelan, Shlaraffia, Serta, and among American manufacturers – Sealy and King Koil.

What’s good about American models?


In the luxury American Sealy mattresses, the winter and summer sides are made of high-tech materials, their properties guarantee you an optimal temperature. The Orthopedic Expert Council was specially created for the development of these products, the members of which are the best doctors, including orthopedic surgeons.

The advantages of Sealy elite mattresses are in their unique technology:

  • Due to the Sensory arm spring system with triangular spirals, the mattress surface has perfect stability and the product adapts to human physical parameters and movements during sleep.
  • Thanks to the Dual Support system, the spine is supported twice.
  • The springs in the center become stiffer when the pressure increases and the springs at the edges adapt to the body shape to the millimeter.
  • The Correct Comfort system of independent springs ensures the most even pressure distribution.
  • Thanks to the Posture Premier technology the mattresses do not deform over time and provide the spine with the best orthopedic support.

King Koil

King Koil is another legendary American manufacturer. King Koil mattresses are very popular among wealthy people. The most expensive products of this brand cost up to 3 million rubles. However, in the brand’s lineup there are much more affordable solutions.

All mattresses of this American leader are assembled by hand. Their main distinctive qualities:
Multiple layers and height (under 30 cm and above);
Exclusive fabrics and embroidery, thanks to which these mattresses are often called works of art;
The unique Edge Support system, thanks to which the mattress does not sag even if you sit down on the edge;
Three-level quality control system in production and attention to the smallest details – nothing is left unnoticed!

The best of European brands

European manufacturer Sleepeezee gives priority to quality innovative materials and traditions of the Royal House of England (it is no accident that the products of this brand was twice awarded the “Royal Guarantee” by the British Royal House). Advanced patented technology, independent spring block and the best fillers (silk, latex, wool) give you a unique, “royal” comfort.

The mattresses of Sleepeezee Collection series instantly adjust to any body shape and provide a soft enveloping effect. For the mattresses of the other Sleepeezee Select series the softest natural materials such as EKS cotton, silk, linen, and cashmere are used. In addition, this series mattresses are decorated with Swarowski crystals.

Sleepeezee Planet series mattresses, thanks to innovative technologies, provide a slight toning effect, and the gentle spa-collection Sleepeezee Sensoria is the ideal solution for the sensitive souls. Sleepeezee New Attitude series of hypoallergenic materials ensure perfect hygiene of your bed, get rid of pathogenic bacteria and bed mites.

Exclusive handmade ViSpring mattresses are made in England. The company has 120 years of experience in the manufacture of mattresses. The impeccable quality of each mattress is ensured by professionalism of experienced craftsmen who pay special attention to observance of honed technologies.

The luxury of VI-Spring mattresses is based on a sure knowledge of how to give you a good night’s sleep. The comfort of each mattress is taken care of by the most luxurious and simply unique materials, on which the manufacturer does not skimp at all. Among them:

  • British fleece, recognized as one of the best in the world;
  • Shetland wool – this unique and rare for its softness and silky wool is produced by sheep, which feed on the wild heather and seaweed on the cold shores of Shetland;
  • Mohair is combed from goats from the mountain plateaus of South Africa;
  • Cashmere, which is 8 times warmer than sheep’s wool and much lighter;
  • Vicuña wool, the rarest and finest fiber from Peru;
  • European horsehair, spun in a special way, gives a pleasant elasticity to the mattresses;
  • Natural silk;
  • Long-staple cotton from Turkey;
  • Bamboo fiber.

To fill the mattresses, the materials are hand-scrubbed and combined in a special way. Uniform through tasseled mattress quilting keeps the filler layers and springs securely in place.

Serta has emphasized the breathability of the materials, the removal of excess moisture, the preservation of the shape of the springs for many years and the reliable support of the spine. Serta’s patented Serta Aero System and Serta Spring System make this possible.

Another Italian manufacturer, Dorelan, is known for applying unique scientific developments in its products for more than 40 years, collaborating with major research institutes and carefully studying people’s needs. The products of this brand are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe even for children in their first years of life and the quality of materials meets the highest standards (Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1). This is confirmed by a number of international quality certificates.

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