Affordable budget mattresses

Affordable budget mattresses

When choosing a mattress, most buyers are guided by the right-hand rule and focus primarily on the price, not quite rightly believing that a quality product by definition cannot be cheap. It is partly true, but in the case of bedroom paraphernalia it is more of a delusion. Buying an expensive mattress is justified when an exclusive foundation is necessary for certain categories of users who have health problems, spend most of their life in bed or need posture correction. For young and healthy people with a normal build, whose weight is between 80-95 kg, the cost is not a determining factor.

Manufacturers produce simplified inexpensive mattresses, the parameters of which meet the needs of users, and the replacement of expensive natural fillers with synthetic analogues does not affect the quality of the basis. Choosing the right option for yourself, it is necessary to start from the personal requirements for a bed and carefully study the composition.

Top 3 inexpensive mattresses

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affordable budget mattresses

The springless mattress is an excellent choice for healthy physically active people who do not need posture correction, or a couple with a slight weight difference (up to 20 kilograms). The base is suitable for daily use at home or to provide a comfortable place to relax at the cottage.

Medium stiffness of the surface is provided by OrmaFoam. Breathable orthopedic foam does not cause allergies and promotes long-lasting deep sleep. Although the height of the product is only 9 centimeters, this thickness is enough for a man weighing up to 90 kg. to relax and have a good sleep in the most comfortable position.

If necessary, the mattress can be quickly rolled up and stored in a separate compartment. Vacuum packing is provided for safe transportation on the back seat or in the trunk of the car.


Fortuna double-sided 3 zone spring mattress with asymmetric stiffness (medium and moderate stiffness) is designed for point support of the skeleton in an anatomically correct position. It is based on a multilayer construction with intermediate layers of intermediate laying made of natural coconut and finely-cellular orthopedic foam Orto Foam.

Maximal load capacity of each bed: up to 110 kg. Thickness – 17,5 cm. Sides can be changed according to habits and season. Delicate and soft latex foam gently envelops body, relaxing muscles, without putting pressure on joints and blood vessels, and keeps warmth, providing comfortable microclimate in winter. Natural organic gives the necessary degree of elasticity and provides coolness on a sweltering hot day.

The synthetic lining helps to soften the hard surface of the rigid base, and the durable cover with the branded volume stitching, sewn from pleasant to the touch jacquard, keeps the filler from unraveling.

Rfoll Standart 14

Roll Standart 14 medium firmness springless mattress is made of a solid monolithic slab of orthopedic foam. Hypoallergenic moisture-proof material with a porous structure was originally created for use in space and was intended for quick deep sleep of astronauts during flights and for relaxation of tense muscles. Ecopena follows the exact contours of the sleeping person, providing delicate yet resilient support for the spine.

Maximal load for a bed is 100 kg. This mattress is intended both for daily and occasional use. If desired the base can be easily rolled up and stored separately in the closet or transported to the cottage without fear of possible deformation.

Polyurethane foam with effective ventilation systems is packed in durable jacquard cover with synthetic padding and quilted all around the perimeter with branded stitching.

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